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Memory Lanes is a puzzle game where the player leads the character through mazes with walls and non-player characters (NPCs) while manipulating the state of the world around them to reach the goal.

Every level requires at least one save and load to pass the game!


In Memory Lanes, the player-character journeys through mazes of walls and NPCs, saving certain states of the environment to reload later as she journeys to reach the goal. The game is presented in isometric view, and the player interacts with the environment to find the correct combination of saving and loading states in order to pass through open doors to reach the end.

Each of the ten levels has a different path solution, and interactions include activating switches that close and open specific doors, and using this ability to trap NPCs on switches to keep certain doors open. The game's visual style was inspired by that of the popular puzzle game Monument Valley.

How to play:

  • Player uses W,A,S,D keys to navigate the character through the maze
  • Player uses O to save a certain state of the environment, memorizing the states of all the doors at that point
  • Player uses P to reload the most recently saved state, setting all doors to their last saved state
  • Player can "trap" NPCs to keep them standing on switches that open/close doors for prolonged periods of time


memory 22 MB

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